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About Us

Basics but Better

From humble beginnings, the Francis and McIntyre families joined forces in business to provide clothing basics that were a cut above. Working together, we have since succeeded in building our family business into a thriving, customer-centric operation which endeavors to provides clean, modern basics to the masses.

Each of us with very different, but equally important skillsets we started with a bang and took the online clothing marketplace by storm with our minimalistic approach.

Our value driven mindset puts customer needs at the forefront of our operation. Unlike most other brands, we do not spend lots of money on advertising. Instead we rely on word of mouth and positive customer interaction. This allows us to keep the price of our products low whilst maintaining the quality our customers deserve.

This balance between cost and quality is the foundation of our brand. If you're looking for feature rich, dependable, modern styled basics, you're in the right place.