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  • Sizes 6-11 UK
  • Long lasting, Durable, Cotton Socks
  • Smart Black Socks are made with Breathable material
  • specialised manufacturing techniques and a blend of materials that create's mens black socks that are stain resistant, comfortable and have insulating properties
  • 10 Pairs Pack Mens black socks


kerazoo | 14 December:  These are comfortable socks and are not too heavy so can be worn everyday, which I guess is the point. Simple black colouring means they can fit with trousers to work, or for more casual wear. If it was really cold, they might be a little too thin, but for most of the year these are exactly what you want of a pair of everyday socks.

Dave | 9th March:  Seem to be a good fit, and better once washed. Plenty of fluff comes off but I reckon the stated cotton content is about right. Certainly, I've had no complaints about smelly feet.

HK14 | 13th February:  Black socks you gotta love them, they go with everything. Gone are the days when I would feel like Michael Jackson wearing white socks with my black trousers and shoes